A dog is a dog is a dog. Not at all.

Blanket statement, "a dog is a dog."  Yes a dog is a dog but that is where the similarities end.  Each dog is very individual and different.  They have their own likes, what they dislike, motivation and drives.  How many dogs have you met in your life?  I can't even count how many I have met at this point.  With training, photography, day to day and chance meetings...there have been a lot.

Dog stories are the best.  Not the token dog type stories but the ones where you really get a look who a dog is.  What makes them tick?

I love meeting a new client and their dog and bringing them to a cohesive understanding is a wonderful thing.  Dogs can seem very complicated.  The more you know about dogs the easier it is to understand their individualisms.  Dogs truly are very simple, yet complicated.  Very, very individual.

 A dog is born who they are.  They will evolve with life experience; but who they are will remain at their core, just like us.  Sometimes an evolution happens side by side, human and dog.  Those are the best type of dog stories.