Happy Friday everyone.  What's on the agenda this weekend?  Anything fun?  Errands?  Spring cleaning?  I always loved this time of year back in Canada; time to clean the yard and get ready for planting.  Here in SoCal it's pretty much plant time all year round except for the Christmas season.  We are having our winter weather now; it was hot all winter and now it is cool with rain.  I'll take it, as I'm sure you all know we need it big time.

What is your favorite thing to do with your dog on the weekends?  What's different on the weekend vs. the week day?  Our dogs surely know when it's the weekend; it doesn't take much for them to clue into the fun things in life. 
Love to hear what you have planned, what makes the weekend so great with a dog by your side?

Post here in the comments so that everyone can share  .