More water please

Have you ever thought about dry dog food and your dog's moisture requirements?  If your dog eats a diet of dry kibble then they are going to need to drink more than a dog who eats food that already contains moisture.  Dog food companies need to get rid of moisture; moisture is a bad thing in dry kibble.  It can create a whole whack of problems in dry food so they do their best to get rid of it.  That said, our dogs need moisture; so the more dry food they eat the more water they need to drink.  

Mercola - how much water?

Dogs who eat real food, either cooked or raw drink far less water than dogs who eat kibble.  Much of their moisture comes from the food itself.  In my kitchen, I have a wonderful spring water dispenser that offers hot or cold water.  This is perfect for Elsa's food when it comes out of the refrigerator.  I pour a bit of steaming water on top to warm it up; so she enjoys warm food with extra moisture.  It is also a huge luxury for people like me who love an instant cup of tea.  :) 

Shelf life = dry.  That is a fact.  When I make cookies, moisture plays a huge part in their life.  Will I want to keep them in my pocket?  Eat them right away with Elsa or bag them to give as gifts.  The less moisture the longer the life they have. 

Look at your dog's food.  How much moisture is in it?  Dry dog food is taxing on a dog's organs.  This can be from lack of nutrients but also an absence of moisture.  Water helps the flushing organs.  If you are someone who free feeds; leaves dry food in a bowl for your dog to nibble on all day then you need to make sure that your dog is drinking. 

Real food is an easy way to offer moisture.  But a dog still needs to drink water.  Elsa drinks very little water because she eats real food.  The best way for a dog to drink is a small amount more often; rather than gulping back a big whack at one time.  Many dogs who drink too much, too fast tend to puke some up at the end of their big drink.  Our little Jessie use to do this so I would always try to catch her before she got to the "too much" point. 

Water is very important.  Look at the food your dog eats and factor in how much water is needed to counter balance the lack of.