What to get your dog for Christmas

What should we get our dogs for Christmas?  I read an article yesterday claiming that our dogs would give two paws up for a herringbone bow tie.  Honestly, who writes these things?  I had to comment on this proclamation with a resounding, WRONG! 

If our dogs could write a letter to Santa, this is what it might contain.  I can pretty much guarantee than none would have a bow tie on them.  

The list above is general but with a little thought you could read it specifically for your dog.  A coat?  Maybe not if your dog has a great thick coat and it does not get cold where you are.  Boots of course would be for those who really need them as most dogs DO NOT want to wear boots.  But if your dog has to walk on the streets then boots may be essential.  

Toys would be geared to what your dog likes and enjoys.  It could mean some great strong and durable chew toys or a simple ball.  Elsa's favorite toy in the world is her large balls; but she does love a stuffed squeaky toy to play with and destuff.  Lots of shapes, sizes, textures, colors and noises are great to have for your dog.  

More time with the family would no doubt be on all lists; for no matter where a dog lives or who they are, dogs typically want more time with us.  Time is one of the best gifts you can give anyone; including humans and dogs.  A gift of your time will never be tossed aside, re-gifted or returned.  This time of year can get very busy; giving your dog some extra time will always be welcome.  

There are unlimited things to buy for your dog this Christmas; but if you think about what your dog would like, you can give something that your dog will be thankful for.  What does your dog love to do?  Look at gift giving from their perspective and you'll gift with perfection.