Wide open spaces and fences.

I love wide open spaces and I love fences.  Looking out over the rolling hills with open space as far as you can see is good for your soul.  Fences are good for your day to day.  Give me a great, solid and secure fence and I'm a happy k9 Momma.  

We just got a new fence running down the full length of our yard and 4 new gates.  I am happy, happy.  Yesterday Elsa and I spent most of the morning working outside; cleaning up the mess of getting a new fence and putting everything back where it belongs. We could hear a neighbors dogs barking as it listened to Elsa retrieve her ball over and over and over and over again.  After we were done and inside I glanced out the my patio door to admire the fence and saw an intruder.  A scruffy white Jack Russell was in my yard.  Talk about timing.  Elsa and I had literally just come in from cleaning up THE NEW FENCE stuff.  NEW FENCE?  Dog in my yard?

I'd never seen this dog so I put Elsa in my office before she saw the dog and head outside.  I called to the dog and he stopped for an millisecond, glancing up at me.  Hmmmm.  As he wandered I called louder and knelt down, receiving the same response. He didn't seem really friendly so I wasn't keen on grabbing his collar.  I decided instead to hop in the car and check with the houses behind us.  First house I went to was successful.   "Yep, he's ours."  And discovered that I was correct in the "not so friendly" assessment and was glad that I did not grab a hold of him.  

The dog in my yard issue was caused by a newly acquired dog testing the limits of his fence.  Finding a small weak link so to speak he was off on a new adventure; feeling no need to stay where he had been put.  So now we are looking at more new fencing.  Fences are only as good as what they can keep in and out.  The new fence shown above; replaced an old fence that was only being held up by vines.  My dogs have NEVER been the type to want to leave so it was never tested.  All of my dogs over the years just stand at the back door wanting in f they don't want to be in the yard.  None had any intention of leaving. 

If you have a dog that wants to take adventures out of the yard; then it is your job to contain them securely.  Leaving the safety of your yard can be a very dangerous place.  Getting lost forever, stolen, injured or worse are all very high possibilities.  If a fence does not keep your dog in your yard then you must do whatever is needed to keep your dog in your yard.  

We are very lucky as far as our dogs not wanting to leave.  Of course there is a lot involved in that itself; but a fence for my guys can be a tiny marker.  For ease of mind, a good secure fence is a great thing.  Give me a fence and I'm a happy Momma.