Communication in dogs and humans

Much being said here; if you are watching, that is. 

Are you a need to know type of person?  Curious about the things around you and need to know more? When you hear about something new that intrigues you, do you hit Google immediately?  Or do you just go through life without much thought?  We are all different, like our dogs.  Every person has different interests and every dog has things they consider relevant and of different importance levels.  

 I am a need to know type of person; I love to learn new things and am always listening and watching the world around me. If I hear about a product, place, or service that interests me that I did not know about, I research.  There are of course things that interest me more than others, like everyone else.  Within interest itself there are many degrees surrounding each thing that we are curious about.  How much do you want to know?  It's all up to you.

Our dogs are much the same; what one dog finds intriguing, another may not.  Do they enjoy people, dogs, toys, food, activity etc. etc?  There are dogs who go through life never really caring about a whole lot while others need to know everything, like Elsa.  She is highly aware of her surroundings and is always seeking out more information about most of it.  Elsa and I are very much alike in that department.  She is always watching as am I.  Watching and listening are key factors in learning.  But then again there is a large scale when talking about watching and listening.  

Some people simply watch but don't take much in.  They are seeing what is before them like anyone else but are they truly learning from what they are seeing?  It is the same with listening; although the difference between listeners is more expansive.  There are those who listen only to respond and those who truly listen to what is being said.  Of course there are those look like they are listening but are elsewhere within their own head and not listening at all.  If you are a conscientious listener, you can learn a lot.  Add watching to listening and you will see and hear much information.

We often speak volumes without saying a word via body language.  Our physical actions can tell a great deal.  Our dogs see what we mean without words and we can see it too if we watch closely.  Our dogs tell us much, but if you aren't watching you won't hear it.  What?  Hear what they are telling us with body language?  It sort of all runs together if you pay attention.  

"Reading between the lines," is a common phrase.  Hearing what has not been said takes interest.  If you aren't paying attention you will never hear the unspoken words between what is being said.  And if you are not watching you will never see the information given through action.  

Canine/human communication is a fascinating subject.  Through my extensive canine behavior research I have learned much about human behavior.  Of course the two have a great deal to do with each other, as we have dogs meshed in our lives.  The day to day communications that play out between the two species is quite frankly, extraordinary.  

Humans don't always say what they mean.  Much can be understood by what is not said or said in a certain way.  Dogs say what they mean, it is quite clear if you are watching and listening.  Interchange between same species is just as intriguing; that is if you are listening and watching, truly.