Dogs are dogs

I'm just going to put this out there; I hate it when people try to make dogs into people.  Whether it is dressing them up, dying their hair, pretending that dogs talk or having them do things that people do, I hate it.  Why do I hate it?  Because dogs are amazing; they deserve to be respected as dogs.  They are far more amazing being dogs than being people.  

The whole idea that dogs are not enough being dogs really bothers me.  I often look at Elsa while she sleeps beside me and wonder at the fact that we get to live with these amazing creatures.  How lucky are we that dogs are so pliable that they can live with us, side by side?  It truly is incredible.

So why try to make them into furry people?  I really don't get it; I do not understand why humans feel the need to humanize dogs.  Dogs talk, they talk dog; they do not speak like we do.  If they could talk with words, I'm sure that they wouldn't sound as we do.  They would have much fewer words and more important things to say that many humans feel the need to spout.  And quite frankly I will not pretend to respond to anything where a dog is suppose to be the one speaking.  Time to step out from behind your dog and be the human your dog needs you to be.

Fido fashion, dogs often need a coat to keep them warm or dry but that's it.  They do not need a wardrobe; the canine physics is a beautiful one all on it's own.  Why on earth do we want them to look like little people?  

Hair?  A dogs coat is magnificent; whether it is smooth and sleek, fluffy, long and straight or like my poodle, tight and curly.  It is the coat of a dog; it is what they look like.  Why should we try to change it to create them into something else?  Dying them different colors, and sculpting them into something that they are not, honestly.  A dog is a dog; let them be dogs.  

A dog by your side is an amazing thing.  It is a privilege to live with a dog; why would we try to create them into humans?  It is our job as canine guardian to teach our dogs how to live in our world.  Isn't it enough that they fit into our human world without becoming humans?  

We are humans, dogs are dogs.  The canine/human relationship is a wonderful one.  There are lots of other humans in this world; let's not try to make our dogs into more humans.  

A dog by your side?  You are one of the lucky ones.  

Let dogs be dogs and we will be the humans who love to live with them.