Downtime for your dog

A garden day from the past; when Elsa found a caterpillar.  

The fog is lifting, very literally.  I'm sitting here in bed with a coffee and Elsa by my side.  She is dreaming; it's her favorite time of the day.  This and night are the only times that she sleeps soundly.  She cat naps throughout the day but if I make the slightest motion to move, she's up.  Watching her under her blanket dreaming away, it is clear that she is content.  Mid dream she stretches her neck out and curls her toes, then back to sleep.

Our dogs need down time; some more than others like ourselves.  What is downtime?  It is a time with no agenda; a time to relax, sit and ponder.  We need it and our dogs need it.  Today will be a garden day which I'd say is downtime for both Elsa and I.  Sure she'll be retrieving the entire time that I am working in the yard but there are no exterior distractions.  No traffic, other dogs, leashes or anything else; just Elsa, the yard and me.  I love garden day.  

Luke loved garden day.  If he saw me pull out the garden gloves he'd come running with his head held to the side, huffing.  He would just follow me around the yard waiting for the tender grass to be pulled and offered to him.  He taught this to Elsa and she waits patiently for them as I weed the garden.  But more of her time is spent retrieving; dropping her ball into my weed bucket and waiting for the toss.  

It is very important to take and give downtime.  A time when the outside world stays outside.  A time to regenerate, bond quietly and reconnect.  We often forget about these quiet times in lieu of "gotta get'r done." Depending on you and your dog/dogs will factor in how much downtime you need.  You also need to consider your lifestyle.  If you have a hectic go, go, go life then you probably need more downtime.  

Downtime means unplugging as well.  Take the time to be in the moment.  Far too much of our life these days is all about everyone out there in cyberspace.  Being in the moment is good for you; it can give you the time to have a look at your life as well as your dog.  Be there with your dog; watch the little things, experience.  If you are always "plugged in" then you are most definitely missing out on a many little things. 

Downtime does not have to be on the weekend but it does have to be when you have time.  Don't force downtime, take it.  Take it and give it, be in the moment.  It's good for you and your dog.  Now the garden and ball awaits.  Have a great weekend.