The good breeder

Many of you reading the title of this blog are saying to yourself "there are no good breeders."  The whole idea of dog breeders has changed drastically over the years.  Way back when I was a kid, breeders weren't shunned like they are nowadays.  Most of us got our dogs from what is now called a backyard breeder; you know, the guy down the street who had a litter.  He wasn't in it for the money, his dog just had puppies.  

Like most everything in this world, it changed.  Being a breeder can mean many different things.  When the money grubbing folks caught on that people would pay good money for a dog they jumped on the band wagon; and that my friends is where it all began to go downhill.  The millers started pumping out puppies by the thousands; that added with it a lack of paying for health and welfare of their breeding stock and they were raking in the dough.  Sad, very, very sad.  Greed is a bad thing.

Luckily there is are facts being spread about these horrible places now.  Pet stores are being stopped from carrying puppies from the cruel millers; but the help is slow and people still buy from them because they have what they want, when they want it.  Instant gratification.  The people buying the puppies don't have to think of the breeding parents; they are out of sight, out of mind.  They can live with that.  Sad, very, very sad.  

Many people who are involved with rescues only, point fingers and throw verbal stones towards all breeders.  But they are doing an injustice to those who are the good ones.  Are there good breeders out there?  Oh yes.  But they are the few scattered in among the many. 

Finding "a good breeder," takes time, effort, lots of research and dedication to find one.  A good breeder cares; that is probably the biggest thing to remember.  If they care about their dogs then they will do the best for them.  It is not all about the money.  They care about the health and welfare of the dogs that they breed and their offspring.  The caring never stopped even after they leave the nest.  

Many people start breeding on a whim; seems like a good idea.  From that moment it can go right or wrong.  Greed can grab hold and from there it spirals downhill.  If the person stands strong, ethical and in their belief to do what is right; they will always be learning, listening and trying to do their best.  These are the ones you need to find.

Bad breeders come in many shapes and sizes.  A bad breeder can produce one litter.  They aren't concerned with health; never health checked their dogs and have not educated themselves about much of anything with regards to breeding, whelping and raising puppies.  There are huge millers filled with cage after cage; where the dogs are hungry, sick and alone.  Many bad breeders try to look like a good one by posting nice pics on their website.  But if you look deep you will see clearly.  

Many bad breeders have a long list of litters on the ground at any one time.  They breed whatever they have, when they can as long as the money is coming in. Other bad breeders charge an arm and a leg for their dogs... because they can.  Bad breeders research trends and go with what the people want.  People will pay just about anything for what "is in".    

A good breeder strives to do what is right.  They will learn from mistakes.  We are all human and we all make mistakes.  Mistakes can make great people; that is if we learn from them instead of ignore and keep going. 

Good breeders do not fill the shelters with their unwanted dogs; that my friends is a fact.  It is all the other people who are breeding dogs.  So do not group "breeders" under one blanket; because to do so undoes all the good that they do for dogs.  Most good breeders do rescue as well; that is because they are truly caring individuals.  

So to you who throw verbal stones at the "good breeders," do some research before you point fingers.  For you do not know what a good breeder is versus a bad breeder.  The two are worlds apart with the only thing similar is the breeding part.  One needs to educate themselves in the difference.  It is like anything else in this world of ours; there are the really great ones who stand apart from the mediocre to the absolutely horrific.  

If we only support those who really care, things would be very different.