At Home Poodle Grooming Tools Webinar

I'm stoked this morning.  Today is the first of many Webinars that I will be doing on dogs.  

At Home Grooming Tools Webinar - I will be covering what you need as far as equipment to groom your poodle at home.  From the very basic equipment to doing full grooming yourself.  I've been grooming at home for 35 years.  Much of my grooming was done with the very bare minimum of equipment.  I will show you what you need to do in between grooms or just the touch up stuff.  When and if you are ready to do full grooms is up to you; but I will show you what you'll need.  

Like anything, at home grooming typically starts with just one toe dipping into the waters.  Once you get into it the sky is the limit as far as all the bells as whistles you get.  I'll show you the necessity equipment.  

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.  And Miss Elsa will be making one or more live appearances.  :) 

Please join Elsa and I at 5:00 pm PST today May 5th, May 12, May 19 or May 26 for this free At Home Poodle Grooming Equipment Webinar. 

Register for the webinar by clicking here.   

Hope to see you all there.