Taking pictures of your dog

These days just about everyone has a cell phone.  I have to admit that I was probably one of the last stragglers to get a cell phone capable of taking good images.  The moment came when I needed a replacement small pocket camera and a new cell phone.  Considering carrying both, I opted to get a better phone and use it as my pocket camera.  I haven't looked back.

Yogi was over to play yesterday with his Mom.  As his Mom and I sat chatting and watching these two, I pulled out my phone and snapped.  

They charged around the yard.  Elsa chased Yogi, then Yogi chased Elsa.  I could watch them for hours.

I am a long time professional dog photographer.  I have two big cameras with all the bells and whistles.  Lots of gear and many powerful lenses but they are not always by my side.  If a shot is going to be enlarged and put on a wall then I will most definitely pull out the big guns.  When I am shooting for a publication; out comes my pro camera.  But for much of my day to day life and blog, my cell phone does the trick.   

No, the quality does not compare to my pro cameras but it does capture.  Capturing a moment is what it is all about. 

Elsa's tail is hard to capture with my cell phone in low light.  The translucent blur of her tail show a great deal of emotion. 

Don't worry about blur.  Many people toss a blurred image but an image is more about content and emotion than sharpness.  My cell phone camera is much slower than my pro cameras so I must deal with blur often.  Sometimes blur is a great thing.  It most definitely shows how fast the play was in the above image.  

Yogi is Elsa's best friend.  Their play is amazingly matched and I don't think Elsa could enjoy herself more with anyone else.  

We completed our first webinar yesterday where I expected Elsa to be in attendance.  She was there but slept through most of it.  This is why!!!  :)

I love this shot.  The blur of Yogi wrapped around Elsa.  Her face showing pure joy; it doesn't get much better.