Happy Fur Mother's Day

Furkids from the past, still sit in my heart.  Mother's Day bring lots of memories with it 

I put a stuffed rabbit on the counter with a few other things.  I was at HomeGoods; one of my favorite places to shop.  The cashier smiled when she picked up the big grey rabbit to scan.  "So cute," she said to me.  "Can't forget my girl," I told her.  We then got into a long discussion about how many toys our dogs have.  Comparing her bags of toys with my baskets full; we both smiled and agreed that they are indeed our furkids.  

For some people out there, their dog is just a dog.  But for many, and I'm assuming those of you reading this; your dog is your furkid.  Included as one of the family; encircled with the love, caring and safety net that goes out and covers your family.  

Dogs are not humans.  They need different things than we do to be happy; and I do not like when people treat dogs as furry humans. They are so much more.  Dogs are an amazing species that has adapted to life with humans.  They do a spectacular job and learning the ropes of how to live by our side.  A dog gives us their all; and in turn we should give them what a dog needs.   

               To truly know your dog you must fully understand the differences between our species.

On this Mother's Day weekend I want to wish all of you amazing Dog Moms out there a very happy Mother's Day.  Being a Mother means to care for, love and keep safe; it's what we do to whomever comes into our care.  That includes our furkids.  No matter how big, small, furry or hairless; they are all our furkids. 

So, Happy Fur Mother's Day to you all.  Life is just better with a furkid in it.  :)