Happy Birthday Elsa

Today is Elsa's birthday; she is a big five years old.  Where the heck did the time go?  It seems like yesterday when she dove into our lives with all four feet and then some.  She was without a doubt the most bubbly, social and affectionate puppy we've ever had in our family.

Elsa joined us as #4 in our canine pack; but within a few months she became half of two, as Luke and Elsa.  The relationship they had was one that many people can only wish for their dogs.  But as life must change it did and Elsa became just Elsa.  But Just Elsa is an amazing being.  She is an amazing athlete, guard dog, exuberant friend to her canine friends, lover of humans and passionate and beyond about her family.  She is Elsa.  

She is my constant companion; the dog by my side.  I look forward to what life unfolds for us and the changes that are inevitably in the works.  

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and extraordinary girl and the rest of her amazing litter.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vicki for allowing us to call Elsa our family.