Losing your canine companion

It's gone, off to the editor with a huge sigh of relief.  I've been working on a loss book; not just any loss but the loss of a canine companion.  It's been a rough write but healing at the same time.  As most of you know, we lost our Luke in January 2015 and with his loss came much sorrow and emptiness.  I took to writing and it has helped a great deal.  

A few weeks after our loss I sat in front of my computer and decided to write.  Writing is very healing for me and the more I wrote the better I felt.  Now a year and a half later I am moving on.  With each re-read came more tears; there have been a lot.  But with time passing and life unfolding; there have been less tears.  I cannot read the book without tears but the deep heart wrenching sorrow is now replaced with many smiles.   What a guy he was.  

All of my writing starts with a passion; so far it has all been about dogs.  Of course dogs are my passion.  This new book on canine loss was something that I needed to do for myself; but I hope that it helps those who read it to get through the process.  Each person deals with loss very individually; the course we take through the steps of loss may vary vastly but we all go through it.  

No one wants to face the idea of losing a canine.  As humans we tend to push it aside and pretend that it will never happen.  Sadly we will all face the loss of our canine at some point; confronting that fact first can help with the moment when it arises. 

If you are lucky, you will have one or more very old dogs to tend to in your lifetime.  Caring for my old dogs has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  But with that comes "quality of life" decisions which are inevitable.  

Life is journey.  We will all make our way through the loss of a canine in our own very personal way.  Dealing with it is essential; otherwise there will be no moving on.  Once you move on; you will store your dog and the memories in your heart to draw on when you need to.  They remain there forever.  Moving on means smiling when the memories floods back.  

I will keep you posted on the books availability.