Your Best Friend has the Answers

Ever wonder what's going on in your relationship?  That relationship you have with your canine?  If you really want to know, ask your best friend.  Typically our best friend can tell us what is really going on.  

Are you in a strong relationship?  Or are there holes that need filling or fixing?  

Trust - reliance on the integrity, strength, ability etc., of a person.  Trust is a huge part of a strong relationship.  Are you a trustworthy guardian?  Trust for a dog is huge; your dog should trust that they can lean on you in times of need.  

Reliability - the ability to be relied on or depended on, for accuracy, honesty. Are you reliable?  A guardian who does not fly off the handle?  Someone who is there when your dog needs you, without a doubt?

Honesty - the quality or face of being honest; uprightness and fairness.  Are you honest about your relationship?  Does it need work?  Is one member more of a giver than the other?  Do you meet in the middle with a pure respect for one another. 

Canine/human relationships can be wonderful; but they can also be awful.  In this New Year, take a hard look at your relationship.  Ask your best friend how things are going.  Be honest with yourself when you sit down to dissect your relationship.  

Make 2017 the year to turn any negatives into positives.  Here's to a magical relationship in your future.  

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