Dog Cookies Anyone?

I've been baking cookies for years, somewhere around 35 to be exact.  I started out making cookies for my family and then grew to selling at a local Farmers Market.  I loved the whole market scene each weekend and had a large list of regulars wanting their favorite.  

I had made dog cookies over the years as well but when my boy Luke seemed to have a problem keeping weight on I looked into making some really healthy and substantial cookies that he could eat on a regular basis.  So the Dog Cookie mission began.  I've now been  making dog/human cookies for years.  These cookies are not only good for your dog but you as well.  No wheat products or refined sugar go into my cookies.  They are high in protein and the dogs and people LOVE them.  

The birth of the Cookie Club.  So many people ask for my recipes all the time so I am working on a Cookie Book.  But once I was well into the book I thought about a fun and interactive Cookie Club.  Ta Daaaaa.  Just Dogs with Sherri - Cookie Club.  

A new and healthy dog/human cookie recipe each month; along with video, baking tips and training tips with each recipe.  Interactions about the cookies will be done on my Just Dogs with Sherri FB group.  You will receive a favorite recipe instantly after signing up and the Cookie Club itself will begin January 14th.  

I'm very excited about this and look forward to talking Cookies with you all.  Let me know what your dog's favorite flavor is and I will try to work it into the 2017 roster.  Each recipe has been developed by me, and of course my taste testers.