Do's and don'ts with dogs

21751617_10214646793429434_2956078008759343027_n (1).jpg

Don't leave your dog in a hot car, EVER!  The above photo played out in a parking lot when I was leaving a vineyard.  On one hand I was happy to see this dog who had very clearly not been left inside the car.  His owners had thought out their plan before leaving the dog as they hit the wine tasting room.  But, I was still not happy at what I saw and here is why. 

As we were at a quiet vineyard out in the country; the traffic was much less than a high traffic area, but... Leaving a dog tied out while you go inside always puts your dog at risk to be taken.  I never, EVER like to see a dog tied out while the owners go inside.  Along with the risk of your dog going missing is the fact that if you are not there supervising your dog; who knows what could happen in your absence.  

It was also a parking lot which can be dangerous for other cars, let alone your dog.  What if someone didn't see him and backed right into him?  People back into cars all the time while parked in lots.  It is not the place to leave your dog tied up.  

I am extremely nervous when I see things like this.  Even though the owner had good intentions, not leaving their dog in the car; they put their dog at risk for injury or theft.  It can be a tough situation to deal with if you have your dog with you when you are partaking in activities that will not involve your dog.  I would leave my dog at home if possible.  If not I would keep my dog with me at the outdoor patio or wherever we could stand together safely.  

If you are not with your dog, you do not know what could or is happening to or with them.  Think safety!