Dog walking pouch


Do you use a fanny pack, or pouch as I like to call them? No? Why? Do you think they are nerdy? Let me tell you they are not nerdy, they are very cool and good for many reasons. Let me enlighten you. ;)

Reasons why you should use a dog walking pouch (much cooler name than fanny pack).

  1. Allows you to be hands free which is essential.

  2. It carries items that you should bring on your walks.

  3. It can be used to hook even more “stuff” onto it (carabiners).

  4. Makes you look like a serious dog walker.

  5. You’ll never be without a poop bag.

  6. It will save you from filling all of your pockets up with stuff.

  7. Lets face it ladies when you wear leggings or workout pants, those things don’t even have pockets. As an avid weight lifter I’m always in workout pants.

  8. Everything goes in the pouch so you never lose your stuff.

  9. Ever ready so you don’t even have to think about what to bring.

  10. They are very fashionable right now, yes, you heard right. ;)

70185995_10220833256807152_4817339729848565760_n (2).jpg

I see all types of walkers out there and the really experienced ones I see have pouches on. Oh sure you can carry a bag, stuff your pockets or even throw a purse over your shoulder but nothing beats the dedicated dog walking pouch for utility worthy walks. They are just so great for so many things.

My newest pouch is a favorite so far and believe me, I’ve been through a few. The Waterfly slim pouch is water resistant and has lots of separate pockets for your essentials. It comes in 28 colors and patterns which made it a difficult decision for me but I finally settled on the teal blue.

This is my smallest pouch so far and I love it for day walks. It is really sleek and very cute I might add. Of course if you need water, a water bowl, pepper spray or something to clip your flip flops onto; I suggest adding the handy dandy carabiner, a girls best friend (at least for me anyway). If I’m headed out for a longer walk or let’s say the beach, out come the carabiners for my extra stuff.

I had such a hard time picking this color out that I might just have to get a few more to add to my collection. Nothing beats great gear when you are out and about with your dog. Always have your stuff with you.