There has been a drastic change.

Yesterday our lives took a turn for the worst.  We (Luke, Elsa and I) started our day much as we always do.  I asked Luke if he wanted to go for a walk; I always do these days and leave the decision up to him.  If he does not get off of his bed then he stays home but yesterday he ran down to the garage door and waited to go.  He hadn't eaten his snack in morning which is not out of the norm for him.  A little walk in the park almost always gets him eating.  So off we went.

He didn't walk far before he stopped and looked at me.  Our eyes met and I knew in an instant what he was telling me.  I very gently lifted him into his Doggyride and we continued for our short walk.  I lifted Luke into the truck and we headed for home.  Once home I got both Luke and Elsa into the house and settled before unloading his buggy.  When I went into the house Luke was in the family room in an odd position.  I asked him "did you fall and can't get up?" as I lifted him to his feet and helped him to get upstairs. 

As per usual, we spent the next hour in my office for cool down time before breakfast.  Before heading down to the kitchen Luke began to cough.  Then sat with an open mouth as if you couldn't catch his breath.  I carried him down to "his" spot in the living room and placed my ear to his chest.  He breathing was shallow.  I immediately got on the phone to his specialist and made an appointment.  By the time we got to the vet which was a mere 1 1/2 later he could not stand.  This had NEVER happened before.   I carried him across the parking lot and into the office; laying his blanket on the floor for him to lay if he wanted.  He immediately lay down and rested his head.  I knew it was serious. 

They called Luke to the back and I hoisted him once again into my arms, thinking it was a good thing that he is as skinny as he is.  They came immediately in and got the full rundown.  He was going in for a chest x-ray.  The young girl told me that someone would come to carry him to the back and I assured her that someone would be me.  I brought him to the back and lay him down once again.  He was calm and quiet, very different than the norm. 

I waited back in the room alone.  I texted my family to let them know what was going on before the Vet came in to give me the results.  When she came in without Luke, I knew.  "There has been a drastic change" she started with.   The tumor has metastasized and is now in his lungs.  The original tumor in his liver is now giant and taken over and bleeding.  A flood of memories fell over me as she explained how it is common with spleen and liver tumor.  It is what had taken Tilley exactly three years before. 

Getting the Vets. professional opinion on when and if we could have more time; she sent  me home with medication and a recommendation for steak, ice cream and fritos.  Basically whatever the man wanted which I explained was already the norm.  I love Luke's specialist, she is a very special woman.  I got myself together and carried Luke to the truck to go home.  As I got close to the truck a man stood a couple of cars over and I shouted to him to please help.  He opened the truck door for me and I placed my most precious cargo inside.  Homeward bound.