Wednesday January 14, 2015

Luke in his younger years, always a happy man.  

I'm sitting in bed listening to Luke's stomach.  He has always had a gurgley stomach but now it's re-goddamndiculous.  I am use to his stomach making noise.  Over the years about every couple of weeks his stomach would gurgle in the morning and he would not eat.  The trick was always to take him out on a walk where he likes to snack non stop and get him snacking.  Once he had a bit of food in there all was fine.  But now it is happening every couple of days.  We are not sure if it is the antibiotics that he is on or what but the cure is still the same.  I have to get food into him. 

A couple of weeks ago it got so loud in my office that I thought that he might explode.  He does not get bloated, as is a common issue with this breed, just loud.  Once I can get something into him he moves on past the gurgles and is fine.  The problem is that he obviously doesn't feel well when his stomach sounds like this so he does not want to eat.  I have only once resorted to force feeding and typically just get out on a walk where he likes to eat. 

He has a couple of other things going on right now so I will be calling the Vet. yet again.  I had to run out early this morning and when I returned he was up and alert in his bed.  He was wagging opened mouthed and I even got the paw.  The paw comes out reaching when he is really happy and I have to admit it melts my heart to see him so happy.  

How lucky am I to have my boy at 14.5 years now?  He has made it to this amazing age with epilepsy, now liver cancer and many other things due to very old age.  Very old age?  I never thought Luke would make it to old.  Yep, proud to say that he is very old and still loving his life.   :)