Dog training in Orange County, California

Good morning, it's been a while.  Life has been pretty hectic as of late and many things have had to take a back seat for a bit.  But I'm revving up with a new beginning and new start.  Training.  Yep I'm getting back to my roots and training again.  My in-home, private training will start up in mid September and I'm stoked.  

I have trained for years and years; beginning with group classes an evolving into private, in-home only.  Why in-home?  I like one on one, I enjoy addressing real life behavior issues in the dog and their guardian's home; where it all happens.  

Private training is time consuming but very rewarding.  There is so much progress that takes place with the ability to tackle very personal problems head on.  Each client has their own problems and this is how my training is geared, very personal. 

I also have my online training consults available; which is another very personal and easy way to work through dog behavior issues.  There are many different packages so you can pick and choose what best fits you and your dog/dogs. 

Another great side effect of getting back to training is the plethora of subjects that it gives me to write and share about.  I'm really excited to get back and it and will be sharing many stories and dog behavior issues with you all.  Wooot!